Culture is Future: 3 facts showing why creative industries are in great shape!

Posted : April 1, 2016
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Written by Lise Slimane

Our team at Captiz really enjoyed the Festival d’Avignon this week – particularly the debate around the future of creative industries – from an economic and dynamic viewpoint.

Here is a summary with all the valuable information for creative professionals – particularly if operating in the television, video games, cinema, press or communication sectors.

Guests all had broad experiences in creative industries and provided great insights about the evolutions in the sector. Were present:


(Source: screenshot of the official program)

Here are 3 facts showing why culture is in great shape: 

1- Creative and cultural markets are blooming in all areas of the world

They represent 3.3% of the regional GDP in North America, 3% in Europe and 3% in the APAC region. New frontiers are not left behind with 2.2% for Latin America and the Caribbean, and 1.1% in Africa and the Middle East.

In France, this sector creates 2X more jobs than the automobile industry, representing 4.5% of the active population and 80Bn€ !   (CF: EY global study on creative markets)

 2- Exportation of cultural products is doing quite well:

Especially in France (Net exporter – 2,63Bn€) !

At Captiz – we serve customers based in Europe, North America, and Asia. We have noticed that the subtitling and dubbing market is growing due to the exportation of video content.

We’ve done this cool map to show were localization is mostly done (for exportation, but also to adapt foreign content for local viewers):


Creation of new content is crucial to the dynamism of the cultural market. However, due to a reduction of public contribution, and/or a lack of strong cultural policies in certain countries, exportation is sometimes the best way to provide fresh content to users.

3- Cultural sectors succeeded in finding new economic models and profitability when facing internet, piracy and the culture of “everything free”

95% of all downloads in 2010 were illegal, at the global scale. Creative industries have innovated, and provided new services with strong values. One great example is unlimited access to content with a subscription (VOD, music streaming …)

Netflix now entertains and informs 75 million users within 190 countries. In France, between 2011 and 2014, there were -83% of illegal downloads.

At Captiz, we bring competitive advantages to film professionals, especially in VOD. One of them? Adapt and localize content as fast as fansub (pirates), with an innovative workflow.You can keep working with translation providers you trust through our SaaS, or invite new talents from our marketplace (35+ talents).


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