Who we are

Captiz is a start-up based in Bordeaux, France. Our job is to provide value to our users. We help our customers write video transcription, translation (subtitles and dubbing scripts) and captions (for the hard of hearing), as fast as fansub groups (pirates), and in professional formats. We send mission offers to our network of freelancers, straight into their inbox. We provide communities of developers and volunteers with subtitling courses and technologies.

Our love for translation and open source technologies is endless, and our goal is to contribute daily to both. We want to content to be shared freely and to be accessible to all.

We hope you'll join us in this mission!

Discover Captiz
Lise Slimane | CEO
Discover Captiz
Simon Clériot | CTO

What we do

Why get captized?
Video transcription, translation, subtitles and closed captions.
Captiz Marketplace
Find skilled freelancers available right now, just with one click!
Captiz Membership
Consulting and heavy discounts for professionals dealing with large volumes.
Captiz SaaS
Online TMS (Translation Management System) to bring in your own talents.
Captiz Integration
Our technologies and code on your servers, to streamline your workflow.
Captiz Community
Free, open source, online editor and courses to democratize subtitling.

They support Captiz

A network of talented freelancers